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The access and use of the site and (the “Site”) is subject to the acceptance, on behalf of the user, of the following conditions (the “Conditions”) and applicable laws.

Accedendo e consultando il Sito, l’utente accetta, senza limitazioni o riserve, le Condizioni di seguito specificate. Qualora le Condizioni non siano accettate, l’utente è invitato a non utilizzare il Sito.

The site is the property of Kemiplast S.r.l. based in Via A. Volta,11 Calenzano (FI), Italy, VAT number IT02205410489, S.C. € 43.680,00 i.v. (“Kemiplast”).
The purchase of products on the site is regulated by the Terms and Conditions of sale which will be imposed on the user during purchasing.

For any requests, please contact Kemiplast using the details indicated in the Contacts sections on the site.


All information and content published on the Site (the “Information”) is protected by copyright or by other intellectual property rights and, except where indicated, can not be used, nor in full nor in part, nor be copied, reproduced, transferred, published nor distributed in any way without the prior written consent of Kemiplast.

The user can download and/or print the information exclusively for personal use and for non-commercial use.

In any case, the user can not distribute, edit, transmit, reuse, send or use the information, therein including texts, images, contents as well as software possibly present on the Site, for advertising or business purposes without the prior written authorisation of Kemiplast.

Brands, logos and any other distinctive sign which appears on the Site are the property of Kemiplast or its business partners, and can not be used in any way or form or by any means without the prior written consent of Kemiplast. In particular, the registered name “Kemiplast”, as with any other distinctive sign which contains the “Kemiplast” brand can not be in any way used as a domain name or as part of one, for third party sites, without the prior written consent of Kemiplast.

If any violation of intellectual property rights is found, it is possible to submit a report to Kemiplast at the following email address:


Kemiplast will strive to publish precise and updated information on the Site. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the use of information does not violate the rights of third parties, nor that the information is free of errors, is exact, is complete or updated. Under no circumstances will Kemiplast be held responsible in any way for any negative consequences, damages or losses, deriving or related to use of the Site and Information.


Kemiplast can not check the content of third party sites or of external pages to which the Site could be in some way connected, and does not assume any responsibility for materials and information shown on such sites in respect to those which Kemiplast has a link to. Connecting to external pages from the Site is the responsibility of the user. Connection through link to other sites does not implicate in any way that Kemiplast has a collaboration or affiliation with the third-party holders of these sites.


Any information, content or material sent to the Site (including uploaded files, data, questions, comments, suggestions or other) will always be kept confidential. The user guarantees to leave Kemiplast unharmed from any action, request, or demand put forward by third-parties in relation to the use of such material.


Each user can register to the site, by inserting their data on the appropriate registration form, if the client intends to proceed to the purchase of products sold through the Site. The user guarantees Kemiplast that information provided during registration is current, sincere and correct, and will undertake to notify Kemiplast of any variation of data regarding the registration.

Notification must be carried out by editing the personal account. In the event that Kemiplast should believe that the information is not correct, or for any reason believe that such a measure is justified, it will be able to deny access to the Site or suspend the user’s account. Kemiplast will proceed with verifying the VAT number only for professionals/businesses who have offices in the European Union.


Only connection to the home page of the Site is permitted to third-parties. Under no circumstances is so-called deep linking permitted without the prior written authorisation of Kemiplast.

Framing of the Site or parts of it by third-parties is not permitted, nor is the use of any other medium which can lead users to believe that the Site contents are available to third-parties. The inclusion of parts of the Site on third-party sites unknown to Kemiplast is also forbidden.

Any request of connection to the home page of the Site or to any other section, page or content can be sent to the following address Kemiplast will give authorisation for the activation of the link to the Site at its own discretion, free of charge and in a non exclusive manner.

LAST UPDATED 07/12/2020.

Kemiplast has the right to edit the present conditions at any time. The user is tied to such modifications and must therefore periodically consult this page to verify the content of the Conditions to which they are tied.