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Film Macroforation - Kemiplast


Kemiplastproduces macroperforated films for specific applications that require a modulated release of humidity and atmosphere regulation and for products with high water content, since their ventilation needs to be maintained.

We handle a full range of needle segments whit a great variety of sizes and forms, so that every single machine can produce a wide range of perforation patterns.
The holes are realized with great flexibility on the film through the use of a mechanical system controlled by a PLC, so that we can settle a precise positioning of the holes on the basis of the layout and the requested application.

All our products can be:

– Macroperforated on the full band;

– Macroperforated with the exact repetition of the perforation pattern on every single pack. That would be the best solution for top film trays, pillow packs and printed packs.

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