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Kemiplast wants to ensure and guarantee sustainable models of production and consumption, promoting actions to combat climate change.
We are committed to producing sustainably for the environment, recording surprising results.
The environmental performance of our production plant is achieved through the purchase of energy produced by some hydroelectric plants, energy saving projects and a selection of energy suppliers based on renewable supply sources.
As evidence of this commitment, thanks to the partnership with our suppliers, we can certify the hydroelectric origin of the energy we use.
We are really proud to consider Kemiplast, a “Zero Impact” company with regard to the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere resulting from the production of electricity.
Avoiding the production of as much as 139 tons of CO2 is
equivalent to the savings in absorption work of approx. 500
hectares of woodland for a year.


Our packaging films are manufactured in biodegradable, compostable and recyclable material thanks to the high technological content of our plants and our production.
In compliance with the Ronchi Legislative Decree we adhere to the CONAI system (collection selection and recycling of packaging materials) by paying an environmental contribution for each package placed in the national territory.